Snow Globe World

Madi’s Treasures:

Galland Homes FaMESHed – January 2019
Lauren Valley by Galland Homes– (With Snow Roof Add on)

{what next} Flakey the Snowman
{what next} Winter Bird Feeder (snowy) – VIP Group Gift
{what next} Winter Bike
{what next} Winter Bench (snowflake)
{what next} Winter Harvest Chair (pillow & blanket)
{what next} Wintery Porch Sign
{what next} Winter Harvest Chair (pillows)
{what next} Winter Harvest Firepit
{what next} Icy Paving Stone
Concept} 05. Limerick. Stone Well with snow
Concept} 02. Limerick. Wood Fence
Concept} 04. Limerick. FireWood
hive // weathered wheelbarrow [light]
hive // fir tree
(Milk Motion) realistic snow
(Milk Motion) snow grass
(Milk Motion) snow pine
Skye Snow Grass Double
Skye Snow Formations 7 Rocks
Skye Snow Formations 4 Wind Sculpt
Heart Garden– OAK – Wild Tall – Winter Snowy


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