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The Conjure

Dahlia Witchcraft.png

Madi’s Treasures:

Dahlia’s Creepy Collections!

Dahlia – Conjure Collection:  Available in Builder’s Box October 2018!

  •  Black Magic – Crystal Ball -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – Helps connect to different realms.
  • Energy Point Crystals – Black Amethyst -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – migraine relief, boots spirituality & Psychic abilities, provides auric protection.
  •  Energy Point Crystals – Aura Quartz Pink & Green -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – Emotional Healing, Calms, Sooths, releases negativity & stress,
  • Dried Herbs – Cumin -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – guards against theft, gift of retention, wards off evil, can be burned for loyalty of a partner, aphrodisiac, good for digestive problems.
  • Dried Herbs – Roses
    Powers & Abilities – Useful for love spells, unveil mysteries, provide protection
  • Dried Herbs – Belladonna 1Li
    Powers & Abilities – causes hallucinations, invokes worshiping
  • Raven Feather Bottle -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – Promotes change, helps focus concentration, good luck, element of air
  • Energy Ball – Prehnite -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – unconditional love, Healing crystal, enhances precognition, alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, helps dream and remember
  • Energy Ball – Black Moonstone -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – new beginnings, soothes emotional instability and stress, inner growth,
    enhances intuition, promotes inspiration & love
  • Energy Ball – Purple Fluorite -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – balances, dispels negativity, promotes intuition, mental clarity and focus.
  • Candle- Black -1Li
    Powers & Abilities – banishing & absorbs negativity, helps transition and rest, breaks bad habits, ending phases in your life, protects.
  • Triangle Shelf -4Li
    Powers & Abilities – helps see in to the past present and future.

Dahlia – Baby Robert- Available at Ironwood Hills

  • Antique Lamp – Copper
  • Antique Lamp – Silver
  • Antique Pacifier – Blood


Anxiety – devoted (backdrop.bloody)

Location: Backdrop City



Seniha 2.png

Madi’s Treasures:

Seniha. Olivia Set –  Available at Uber Sept 22nd- Oct 22nd!

Navy&Copper – Cinnamon – Free Group Gift at the main store!

Dahlia – La Mer – Necklace and Bracelet

[La Baguette] lil fruit Glasses


Shapan– Susana 1


Backdrop City




Piper’s Treasures:

Piper is wearing:

Seniha. Mildred Suit – Available at Cosmopolitan

Dahlia – Shibari Feet Wraps

Navy+Copper – Lungo NatOmb&Tips


hive dust // milk jug daisies- Available at Epiphany

hive dust // daisy iced tea . decor– Available at Epiphany

hive // summer tote

hive dust // bottled emotions– Available at Epiphany

hive // wooden fireplace

Apple Fall Huge Fan Palm

22769 – Old Muted Rugs – COMMON- Available at Epiphany

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Escape (With window light) – Available at Backdrop City


BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS Pose – urBeautiful B

Wandering Spirit

Sen Noely2.png

Piper’s Treasures:

Seniha. Noely Dress // Available at Tres Chic 3rd Anniversary Event through June 10th, 2018-   Includes: [✔]Controler Hud with 15 Solid Colors + 10 Extra Patterns For Dress & 15 Colors for Belt ((ALL OPTIONS ONLY IN FATPACK)) [✔]Sizes for dress : Maitreya, Freya, Isis, and Hourglass [✔]Single Items available ‘ONLY ONE COLOR’


Pretty Mess – Serenity Watch

Navy+Copper – Lungo NatOmb&Tips

Loation: Backdrop City

My Heart

HoldmyHeart.pngPiper’s Treasures:

Mom and Dad:


PosEd – You hold my heart in your hand

She’s Wearing:

:V.e. Crisscross Dress Red-  FLF Edition

TRUTH Lady – Brunette

*Queen of Ink – Clairvoyance Tattoo

He’s Wearing:

Legal Insanity – Abel sweater BLACK

Vango. Keith_Ombre – available at MOM



{xoxo} Be Mine

She’s Wearing:

Tiptoes– Little Lady Dress

LazoHeadband Bow

Bad Seed– Winged Platforms

Magika– A Perfect Mess


Backdrop City


Seniha City.pngPiper’s Treasures:

She’s Wearing:

Dress: Seniha. Claushet Suit-  Available exclusively at Cosmopolitan, Jan 28th, 2018

Rings: Meva Julia Bento Rings – Hello Tuesday event Jan 30th, 2018

Dahlia – Yuma – Necklace – Packaged

Dahlia – Sentiment – Bracelet – Packaged

Dahlia – Eclipse Necklace & Ring Set

PUNCH / Dimple Piercing / Studs

Heels: Essenz – Germany (Gray) FaMESHed 5th Anniversary Gift

Hair: DOUX – Ambrosio hairstyle [Fades]

Tattoo: *Queen of Ink – Clairvoyance Tattoo

Location: Backdrop City

Scene: Pseudo– Subway Entrance Scene RARE

Pose:  EVIE. – Excl. Backdrop City – Poses GIFT