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Lazy Friday


Piper’s Treasures:

Available at Illuminate – April Event

Other items:

Trompe Loeil – Cagivi Industrial Skybox + Surround- Available at Uber

Loft & Aria – Brewer Coffee Table– Available at Uber

Second Spaces – Lazy Day entertainment

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult

+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter – Grey – Dog Bed

Apple Fall Tournament Billiards Table

Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent

Loft & Aria – Brewer Stool and Shelf– Available at Uber

Piper’s Wearing:

Navy+Copper – Americano- Available at Shiny Shabby

Eclipse Design. Queen Of Anarchy Purple- Available at Shiny Shabby

Blueberry – Lila Jeans – Dark Blue

REZERVED– Old Leather Boots- Available at Shiny Shabby


Illuminate your home


Piper’s Treasures:

Illuminate– March Event

Kaerri– San Marino Complete Set- Available at Illuminate– March Event

(luc) Whispering Ginkgo, Bronze/Wall– Available at Illuminate– March Event

(luc) Dandelion Thistle Sculpture, Iron – Available at Illuminate– March Event

(luc) Elegant Crane V1 & V2, Black Iron– Available at Illuminate– March Event

CONVAIR White Hse No1 – Available at Illuminate– March Event

JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 18. Triple Nap

Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears

Fancy Decor: Aloe Phone Dock

Fancy Decor: Letter Opener & Mail

(Milk Motion) the forest skybox scene


City Living

Urban skybox.png

Piper’s Treasures:

BUENO-Mulder Loft Building-Gray available at Uber January 2018

elev8~Manhattan Sofa – available at ULTRA

elev8~Manhattan Bookshelf- available at ULTRA 

Nutmeg. Vintage French Chair White

dust bunny. blanket storage table

Fancy Décor:

Fancy Decor: Chain Coffee Table

Fancy Decor: Industrial Cabinet

Fancy Decor: Desk & Cabinets v. 2

Fancy Decor: Wire Console (weathered)

Fancy Decor: Get Shit Done

Fancy Decor: Small Lamp


[BR] Metal Wall Love Light

[BR] Industrial Floor Lamp

Apple Fall:

Apple Fall Deer Skull

Apple Fall Olive Tree, Small

Apple Fall Large Stopwatch

Apple Fall Boston Print No.1

Apple Fall Books & Map

AF Scented Candle (Sandalwood)

Apple Fall Open Book

Apple Fall Book Pile 2

Apple Fall Canvas Tote

Apple Fall Huge Fan Palm

Seven Emporium:

7 – Wire Cage Shelf

7 – Home Is My Happy Place

{what next} Snake Plant

Bazar: Toronto-Living room rug


Bet you can’t have just one!

Forrest Cats

The Kitties:

JIAN Wicker Forest Cat Bed at FaMESHed– Jan 2018

JIAN Forest Cat Collection at FaMESHed– Jan 2018

She’s Wearing:

=Zenith= Winter belt skirt with scarf (Dark) – at FaMESHed– Jan 2018

=Zenith= autumn leather boots /Socks (redwood) -Maitreya

TRUTH Caralisa – Brunette


The Scene:

*Funky*Junk* Sellwood Home

The Loft & Aria – Hexa Sofa With A Throw – Beige


Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair

hive // spare bins

{what next} Pallet Log Box

Fancy Decor: Birch Candles

Cozy Mornings




Arcade: December 2017


tarte. avery lane cottage RARE

tarte. light cloche (silver)

tarte. pine tree cloche (silver)

tarte. snowed in clutter


Tromp Loeil:

Trompe Loeil – Floor Bells

Trompe Loeil – Candlebox Centerpiece

Trompe Loeil – Reindeer Wall Hanging

Trompe Loeil – Hammered Silver Star

Trompe Loeil – Lit Branch + Bucket

Trompe Loeil – White Wood Hearth

Trompe Loeil – Holiday Animated Floor Pillows



hive // cozy slippers

hive // decorative twigs & berries

hive // metal reindeer

hive // and to all a goodnight sign

hive // assorted trees\

Free Gifts:

Action Elf Food Groups Chalkboard – Arcade DEC 2017 GIFT

Thistle Book Stack with Photos – 2017 FaMESHed Gift


Tannenbaum: December 2017

O.M.E.N – Christmas Morning – Reindeer Plushie – Holiday

Fancy Decor: Classic Console (white)


Other Merchants:

Fancy Decor: Birch Candles

Fancy Decor: 2017 Ornament

Apple Fall Book Pile 2

The Loft & Aria – Hexa Sofa With A Throw – Beige -Family/PG

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult

~BAZAR~ Berlin-rug

dust bunny . christmas tree RARE


Location: Orchard Heights










There is no place like home!

GallandExterior1Galland Collage


House: The Laurel Ridge- Galland  Homes at FaMESHed

Pavilion: Laurel Ridge Pavilion- Galland Homes at ULTRA

Exterior Decor:

Pavilion Chairs: {what next} Winter Harvest Chair

Wreath: {what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath

Ladder: {what next} Orchard Ladder

Shrubs: Apple Fall Flowering Shrubs

Trees: Heart Garden– OAK – Wild Tall – Autumn  and  LB_New England

Interior Decor:

Couch: ~BAZAR~Berlin-sofa PG

Fan: [Con.] Mill Collection – Windmill – (Rust)

Fireplace Rug: [Con.] Mill Collection – Rug (Rust)

Cabinet: Fancy Decor: Industrial Cabinet

Magazine rack: Fancy Decor: Copper Magazine Holder

Candles: Fancy Decor: Birch Candles

Basket: Fancy Decor: Mail Basket

Plants: Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent and {what next} Pothos Plant (stand)

Rug: ~BAZAR~Berlin-rug

Art: Fancy Decor: Leaning Art

Purse: Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

Pillow Crate: MudHoney Wheeled Pillow Crate

Storm Lamp: AF Storm Lamp (Old Wood)

Location: Private Sim